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There are a LOT of Futurama episodes.

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  • We talk with Soylent's creator on what's changed since we slurped down the beta..

Did I miss a favorite bookish moment of yours? Leave it in the comments! Sign up for our newsletter to have the best of Book Riot delivered straight to your inbox every two weeks. No spam. We promise. So much bookish goodness—all day, every day. Listen Shop Insiders. This post originally ran September 19, Pop Culture best of book riot futurama TV. I never liked cooking, but engineering food has been a lot of fun.

At this point, it amazes me what people manage to live on. How is Soylent different from other meal-replacement drinks on the market already? A lot of things will give you calories, but nothing so far has been designed to be something you can live off.

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There are no food replacements on the market. People have expressed concerns about the size of your sample group and the fact that you don't have a nutrition-science background.

The Man Who Thinks He Never Has to Eat Again Is Probably Going to Be a Billionaire Soon

What do you say to those who think what you're doing is reckless or unsafe? Ad hominem attacks aside, no one knows the consequences of 30 years of iPhone use but given the data we have it's probably fine. There are people that think everything new is dangerous, and some will accept new technology without testing it enough. I try to take the middle path. Soylent is perfectly safe, FDA-approved, and already seems far healthier than what the average American or Somalian is eating.

What Is Food?

What do you think of the nutrition world in general? People are inundated with terrible, conflicting advice. Nutrition is unfortunately a field where everyone thinks they're an expert. I am not, and I don't need to be. My goal is to provide the nutritional recommendations already developed by the IOM, WHO, and our board of nutritionists as efficiently and effectively as possible.

That is an engineering problem.

What is Soylent?

A lot of people got mad when you claimed Soylent was as nutritious as fruit or vegetables. Just because something is natural doesn't mean it's safe or healthy, and just because something is artificial doesn't mean it's unhealthy or dangerous. Look around you. Nothing we buy is natural. Everything useful is designed and manufactured, and food should be no different. People are afraid of sweeteners when it's real sugar that's killing us. They're afraid of preservatives when food waste is rampant.

Appetite grows for meal replacements in China

McDonald's is trying to engineer lower-calorie food that is more filling to fight obesity, but people are demanding natural-sounding ingredients. It's frustrating to watch. The idea of "real food" is just snobbery. Everyone has the right to be healthy, even people who don't like vegetables.

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  • Q&A: Rob Rhinehart, creator of Soylent, on super-fast food!
  • Soylent Majority | DISMALFUCKER?

If it's all completely approved why do you think people are still afraid of it? Fear makes a better story—fear-mongering in food is too easy for many media outlets and entertainers to resist. Part of the reason I created Soylent was to avoid the cacophony of opinions and misinformation around food and diet. I'm certainly taking less of a risk now than I was with a diet known to be unhealthy.

People fear what they don't understand. By being transparent and clear we will continue to bring more people around to this important idea.

NationStates | The Republic of The Soylent Majority | Trend

Nutritionists, foodies, and other critics seemed particularly attached to the idea of chewing, and are mad at you for taking it away. Are you dedicated to the smoothie medium or could Soylent move into bars and cereals and other solid foods? We can make anything, but a liquid is the best for nutrient absorption.

Humans started chewing in the first place because it makes food closer to a liquid.


Shit, that's a good point. Some of our testers say they chew gum, though, so there must be some innate desire to chew even when you are not hungry. Recommended Stories. Sign in. Get the best of The New Yorker in your in-box every day. Privacy Policy.