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Most often, these micro-hospitals are only used for patients who are staying in the hospital short-term, sometimes not even exceeding a day, but can be a holding place for casualties of accidents which can receive treatment before being moved to a larger hospital. Leading the campaign is an architectural company that goes by the name E4H Architecture who has currently designed over 28 micro-hospitals in a variety of locations including Texas, Arizona, Ohio and Louisiana so we can probably expect to see lots more of them this year thanks to the success that the original 18 have had.

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One suggestion that has been toyed with for a while yet may start appearing on our streets this year is the existence of hospitals in retail environments, such as malls and shopping centers. This consideration goes hand in hand with the micro-hospitals idea above and would be able to supply imagery services, urgent medical assistance and would serve as an information and contact hub for large hospital and healthcare facilities.

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Of course, this all depends on the individual location and the need to have these facilities for them to be cost-effective, so more research is required before we see this idea become a regular occurrence. While the last couple of years has seen an increase and overall improvement in acute care services, growth is still just as essential over the next 12 months.

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  7. There is an ever-increasing number of services that are moving from inpatient practices to outpatient departments yet despite this; inpatient numbers are still growing in hospitals across the country. To put things into perspective, around 10, Americans will turn 65 every day for next 20 years , making it clear that these are required services, and they need to keep improving in order to deal with this steady influx that the government knows is going to take place.

    This means considering the design of existing medical facilities to ensure there is space to handle everybody who is going to be coming through the doors, training staff to be able to cope with the pressures and focusing on the design of the buildings to ensure congestion is kept to a minimum while there is a stern priority of health and safety, especially against superbugs and other related illnesses.

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    Telehealth is the practice in which healthcare advice and professional help can be administered to patients remotely, for example, a doctor sitting in their office talking to a patient at home. With an increase in the implementation of telehealth services, medical buildings are going to need to focus on how facilities can be produced to cater for this need.

    This will include rooms dedicated to making and taking phone calls as well as video communications , lobbies for transformation, common spaces and even services where patients can come into a hospital to receive virtual assistance if required. There are many changes that are going to take place within the healthcare industry regarding the facilities and the design of future and existing establishments.

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    Brenda Berg is a professional with over 15 years of experience. Regardless of its type, the industrial facility should be durable and easy to maintain.

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    Single-storey industrial buildings, such as workshops or warehouses, are usually located in the middle of the common area. And office blocks are generally planned closer to public highways: they simultaneously serve as the complex facade. Also, while making the design of industrial buildings, free entrance and parking arrangement for both cars and trucks should not be forgotten. In the facility, which is built in the logistics systems; it should be organized storage for products or raw materials. The designs for such industrial facilities should importantly consider all aspects for their successful operation: easy access of heavy trucks to the building, equipment of warehouse with racks, technique, sufficient lighting, good ventilation, heating, and conveniently arranged territory.

    Int-Ext specialists are always ready to help you in performing an industrial facility design of any complexity. Our experience and responsible approach to creation of the necessary documentation ensures a positive result.