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The webinar was presented by Mr. He specializes in the front-end development of enterprise applications and is a proactive blogger as well. We would like to thank all the attendees who joined this amazing webinar. We hope it was useful. In case you have missed the webinar, you can check this Webinar Recap which we have recorded:.

If the app that we would like to connect to Salesforce does not have an open API, is it possible to still have an integration?

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Ans: Yes. It is still possible to have a seamless integration even it does not have an open API. There are four alternatives for data integrations in Salesforce:. Can I create a Visualforce page or a form to add campaign member with status, that can lookup contact and campaign? What are the possible ERP Systems that can be integrated using this and how much time and effort is needed?

It depends on the project but generally takes days.

Types of Salesforce VisualForce Components

Ans: Expiry age sets an expiry date for when a cookie gets deleted whereas Refresh age is the age of the cookie before a bowser is refreshed. I have a custom application in Salesforce classic. Will I need to build a component from scratch to move it to Lightning? Then we will implement those 3 element step by step. Before beginning this tutorial, you need to have a developper salesforce account. With all those modules on Trailhead training plateform of salesforce , you will be able to understand basic concept of development on salesforce.

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ITech uses salesforce CRM to track customers and support them as best as possible. However, she would like to be able to export as PDF and Excel data about accounts gathering those different criteria :. Name your visualforce page as you like: MonTableauDeDonnees in the label and name part. Do not consider the checkboxes below, click Save and then preview. Now, we will create an APEX class that will send the data to this visualforce page.

Click on "Apex Classes" and then on the "new" button. This class has been simplified and commented to be easily understood the relationship between APEX and visualforce. To understand what is the role of your controller, this class has been commented. Feel free to read the comments to understand how it works.

Summary: We now have one visualforce page and one apex controller. In the next step, we will implement the visualforce page based on what we have created in our controller. As you can see on the top of the visualforce page, we instantiate the controller. Which means that the account list is retrieved. Then they are stored in a variable called "MyAccount" and displayed. Summary: Here you have a controller who retrieves your accounts and displays them in a table.

Visualforce Basics | Salesforce Trailhead

To extract your table in Excel, you must recreate a visualforce page with a different header. Click visualforce pages then click on the "new" button. Name your visualforce page like this:.

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Now that you have created your visualforce page. You add a redirection function in your controller. Add the code below :. Now that you have this function to create. You can add the button in your visualforce page MyDataTable. You have just created your first Excel extract of a table containing your accounts named : SalesForceExport. Here you are with the first feature desired by your customer. In step 4, we will extract this table in PDF format.