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What else is on my wish list? Happy Smugglivus to all! Thanks, Kim and Happy Smugglivus to you too! Next on Smugglivus: Stephen Hunt. Ana Grilo is a Brazilian who moved to the UK because of the weather. No, seriously. LOL, oh noes, my friends. This is so much more than man-tit. LOL, so you both like the cover?

But but but, there is a flying cape.

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I love the moon, the colours, the building — remove the semi-naked man and I would be happy. Me no likey. I also love Shana Abe. I hope she posts something soon. I think I may have to give my library a nudge. Hiya Kim, I just stopped in to let you know that I really enjoyed your book, I read it a couple of weeks ago and it is definetly a keeper.

Your characters rocked from the beginning to the end I could not put it down. Her writing is just sigh-worthy. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Lady Parr is more than interested in tall, dark and handsome Nathaniel. He had an old title and a good standing in the parliament. Plus he was young and rich, so she expected Laura to encourage his suit.

One thing led to another, and after a short, whirlwind courtship, Laura finds herself as Lady Lanyon, forever bound to a man she knows little about. I have waited to pick up another Pamela Morsi book for at least 4 yrs. There is a reason behind it but I am not here to discuss that. Recently I decided I need to give her older romance a try once again. The blurb intrigued me, so did the ratings. And I have to say that it was better than I thought it would be.

A Blackheath Moor Novel Series

Courting Miss Hattie is set at the turn of the century. Hattie Colfax was but a child when her father passed away leaving her with her frail, difficult-to-be-with mother. Being an only child, she took care of her until she also passed on. After that, Hattie has been pretty much alone, taking care of their farmland all by herself. But she also had a helper. Reed Tyler came to them when he was but barely a boy, recruited by her father. He was somewhere in the middle so the training at an early age did him good. Every bit of financial contribution mattered. This book also had its share of drama and intrigue, much like book 1.

The stories are well-written and, as far as I could tell, well-researched too. He makes his appearance in both books, though less in book 2 than book 1. He was also the king of now extinct Pictland. Book 1, Her Savage Scot , takes place a few months prior to book 2. Recently, MacAlpin , the King of Dal Riada has had this notion that he should be the reigning king of Pictland seeing his mother was a Princess.

The Royal Lineage, in the case of the Picts, comes via the mother and not the father, so MacAlpin was determined to grab what he deemed was his.

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The kingdom of Ce, Circinn and the others were being ravaged by the Vikings. Quite a lucrative offer no doubt. Connor was tasked to make sure the elusive Princess and the King, with other nobles be brought back to Dal Riada to discuss everything. If all agrees, the marriage will take place posthaste. It's been long 4 yrs. Unfortunately, Sealed with a Kiss was a bummer too. Wish I could say I loved it but I can't. I liked the story in parts, all the small-town shenanigans, but I cared neither for the hero, nor for the heroine.

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Both were equally stubborn, and in parts, silly. I was more interested in the ill-fated romance between the hero's father and the heroine's spinster aunt.

Dark Temptation (Blackheath Moor Series #2)

Since that didn't end well there will be no full review. Do you know what Follow Friday with Book Bloggers is? It's a weekly Friday interview with a book blogger picked from the BookLikes community but we also wish to open it up for all the book bloggers out there. We appreciate all the hard work the book bloggers are doing for the book industry and we wish to spread the word and give the book bloggers the proper recognition and appreciation! And it's so much fun to know a little bit more about the fellow bloggers friends too!

You can nominate from the BookLikes community as well as from all around the web we will, though, focus on the BookLikes community first. We'll be also more than happy to feature newbies and newcomers, and raising up bloggers e. Each blogger can nominate up to 3 book blogger friends, please insert the blog's URL address and one sentence praise per blog optional.

Have you missed the previous Follow Friday interviews? Here are the catch up links and sneak peeks into the four blog talks we've already published on BookLikes Blog. I love classic art, and I love reading, and I thought that a Weekly Art Post would be a great way to combine the two. I try to choose paintings and a few vintage photographs that feature the subject of the piece reading or ones that at least feature a book in some way.

I'm in my second year doing this, and it's been great fun choosing which pictures to feature. Yes, it had. When I started doing blog tours, it did take up quite a bit of my time. Alongside my work hours, I was juggling regularly. My reviews are generally long, and writing those reviews took time too. I had to figure out how to balance it all. How many tours I can do a month so I can read and review the books I want to.

Yet, through book blogging, I have discovered new authors and their books. So yes, blogging has had quite an impact on my reading life. I'm not going to stew over this painful question for very long, because it can become very frustrating to make choices. I'll pick The Count of Monte Christo , amongst books that I have not read yet, because it's long, and I have faith that I will enjoy it.

And I'll bring my favorite Wodehouse's Quick Service. This is a tough question because there is nothing that can compare to the thrill of holding a paper book in your hands and feeling that comforting weight on your hands, but I am going to say that I prefer e-books. As someone who travels a lot, there is nothing like the comfort of having a wide variety of books readily available in one place. Recently, when I felt the urge to check out some medieval Scottish-Highlander romance, I thought why not? He makes his appearance here too, but not really as someone I cared much about.

Princess Aila, the eldest daughter of the current King of one Pictish segment called Ce, is introduced almost at the beginning of the story. Hence no one sees her in attendance of any feast or celebration.

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The story was rather interesting with the usual paranormal activities that were creepy and intriguing at the same time. And I really liked the H, who was a secondary character in book 1; a friend of the H there. I didn't like him in book 1 much but in his own book, I got to know him better so all in all, I thought this one's gonna be better. However, the h of the story completely ruined it for me. She was an idiot, extremely stubborn and super irresponsible. If someone said 'don't do this, it's dangerous', she'd simply ignore that warning and do exactly that; all because she fancied herself a 'journalist', a detective too, by the looks of it.

I wished I could replace the h with someone smarter, more responsible. No idea what the H saw in her anyway! I had high hopes for this series. Too bad.

Dark Temptation

Carla Kelly has done amazing books where she included tales of war and its aftermath. Safe Passage is no different, yet there were moments where I felt like putting down the book and take a deep breath. This has a little different setting and background—Mexican Revolution of setting here is The prologue introduces our h, Addie, who has been reminiscing about her past, and her marriage, which seems to be a done thing at this point.

Addie lives in Mexico and was married to Ammon for 2 yrs. One sad incident, which led Addie to say some horrible things, had led to their break up.

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  • Ammon returned home from his freighting business where injured himself, only to find his wife enraged. He already had a broken leg to deal with, a broken heart now added to the mix. Addie, though, had a reason behind it, and I could try to understand her mental state, still the whole incident was really heartbreaking. He had tried to communicate with Addie the first year but she was determined to keep her silence.

    I liked it for the most part because there were some really witty dialogues throughout. Henry Tweksbury-Hampton, the Marquess of Grayson is filthy rich and lives the life of a laze about peer. Even with a tall physique, these days his paunch shows. A thinning head of hair does his looks no good either. He had a vague feeling that no one wanted him for himself but for what he can offer to them. Algernon, who goes by as Algie, is really something of the sort.

    To say that Henry worried over the future of his title is a gross understatement. But when, to allay that niggling suspicion, Henry ends up asking Algernon if he likes his uncle, things began going downhill. How exactly? This one definitely won't go down as one of my favorites. TBH, I was bored for the most part but it was mainly because I didn't care for our "beautiful and brilliant" heroine.