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He says he responds to between people personally and wants to work even harder in connecting with people. We are certainly seeing much more video blogging ocurring and this trend will continue, so it is something that you need to seriously consider as part of your social media marketing mix.

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Expect to see more and more people who a couple of years ago might have launched a traditional text blog going the video route or adding it to their content strategy. Gary just wrote a book entitled Crush It! Click here to find experts on social media marketing. Join over 25 million other readers that have been educated and inspired to transform their life and business. Jeff Bullas.

Blogger Outreach Gary sent a personalised email to every blogger he wanted to connect with as Darren Barefoot had done some years ago with the ebook he launched. Connects Through Social Media He says he responds to between people personally and wants to work even harder in connecting with people 8.

So are you thinking of using online video as part of your online marketing. The highest quality image available on these cameras is a frame size of by pixels at 30 fps. The lower quality is a frame size of by pixels at 15 fps. That's the frame size you'll ultimately be posting on your videoblog.

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The video quality from digital still cameras isn't as good as that of a DV camera, but the difference is marginal once video is prepared for the Web, and there are several advantages to using a digital still camera. One big advantage is the small size. DV cameras are small but some of these photo cameras are downright tiny, the size of a cell phone Figure 3. That means they are easy to carry wherever you go. Another advantage is that digital still cameras don't use tapes.

Instead they use a reusable memory card, which means you won't have any last-minute trips to the store to buy a new tape. Finally, transferring video from a memory card to your PC is generally more convenient than transferring video from tapes—but not always. The ease of importing video depends on the computer, editing software, and digital formats you are working with, issues we cover in Chapter 5.

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When purchasing a digital still camera or assessing the one you already own, you'll want to make sure it has the options you'll need for videoblogging. For example, some older or super cheap still cameras shoot video but not sound. Some others capture video and audio but they don't have a speaker on the camera for playback, so you can't audition the sound until you download your videos to your computer.

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If you don't know if your camera records sound, shoot a short video clip and import it to your computer to make sure it's capable of capturing sound as well as video. Here are additional issues to consider:.

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Digital still cameras record video as a file, similar to other computer documents. Depending on your camera, clips will be saved as. These formats are basically containers that hold video and audio information. Picture a jar filled with layers of colored sand.

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You could put that sand in any container: a Mason jar, a plastic bottle, or a vase. No matter what container you use, the sand is the same. But some containers, or formats, are more compatible in editing than others.

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  • Muxed means the audio and the video tracks are combined into one, and it's big trouble when you want to edit your video clips. Most editing programs cannot work with either muxed clips or. The storage capacity of a memory card is related to its size. So no matter what kind of memory card a camera uses, bigger is better. If you want to shoot video, you'll need at least a MB memory card, and a 1 GB card is even better. Memory cards are getting cheaper and cheaper these days, so you shouldn't have to break the bank to buy a couple of MB cards or a single 1 GB card see "Smart Shopping".

    Depending on your camera's settings and the capacity of its card you'll be able to shoot between 20 minutes and 3 hours of video. The total can vary wildly based on several factors. Lower-quality recording, say by pixels at 15 fps, doesn't gobble up as much card space as a higher-quality setting, say by pixels at 30 fps. So the frame size and fps rate greatly affect how much footage you can shoot. The file format your camera shoots in will also affect how much footage you can shoot. For example, Canon PowerShot cameras shoot in. With a 1 GB card, they can hold only 40 minutes of video when set at by pixels at 15 fps.

    In contrast, the Sanyo Xacti camera records in. You'll have to play with the settings on your particular camera to find the balance between quality and recording capacity that's right for you. Another thing to take into account is the length of each video clip you can record. Some cameras will let you record continuously until their memory card is filled. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

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