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When the summer holidays came to an end, only two pupils on the school roll turned up when term commenced in October. All the schools in my area have memorials to Jewish victims. The slow process of coming to terms with the deportations of the 76, French Jews has a long and complex history. So it is no surprise with the lack of references at the ministry of defence site that a separate Shoah museum has been developed metres from the original memorial.

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The centre is part monument and part museum with western Europe's largest Holocaust documentation and research facility. Inside the courtyard of the centre are the names of the 76, victims on walls, restoring some semblance of their individual identity, which starkly contrasts to the De Gaulle memorial. Airport-style security into the memorial and centre is a sad and poignant reminder that antisemitism still exists.

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Traumatic response is also connected to how several characters or interviewees in these films assess their own survival in that many, both historical Shoah and fictional Life is Beautiful and The Night Porter , have yet to come to terms with the machinations of their continued existence. Cathy Caruth points out a critical parallel between trauma and survival in the introduction to Trauma: Explorations in Memory. An unknown error has occurred. Please click the button below to reload the page.

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Reading Memory in the French Documentary and the Italian Fiction Film The memory lapses of trauma are conjoined with the tendency compulsively to repeat, relive, be possessed by, or act out traumatic scenes of the past In this sense, what is denied or repressed in a lapse of memory does not disappear; it returns in a transformed, at times disfigured and disguised manner.

Fragola; Roch C.

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The film depicts how coyotes human smugglers , collaborators, Catholic priests, resistance fighters, and Jews view themselves in the conflict. A trustworthy coyote helps Jo and Maurice along with another fleeing family across the demarcation between German-occupied France and the Free Zone. A powerful and complex story works behind each character and his or her motivations, jointly brought to life by good writing and good acting.

This coupled effort manifests in the character of the father, Roman Joffo, whom actor Patrick Bruel embodies excellently.

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After fleeing from Russian pogroms organized massacres to Paris as a child and now having to see his own children flee Paris, Roman has great wisdom and understanding of the recent developments in France but also wishes to spare his family from the culture of fear and demoralization inherent to their escape and the reason behind it. Bruel works with the script to give Roman a certain world-weariness and gravitas. When Roman must be rough with his children to give them some inkling of the danger they are in, Bruel brilliantly plays simultaneous heartbreak, resulting in some of the most tear-inducing, empathetic moments in the film.