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Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks will enable you to answer vital questions such as: How long will my network remain alive given the amount of sensing required of it?

- Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks by Roberto Verdone

For how long should I set the sleeping state of my motes? How many sensors should I distribute to meet the expected requirements of the application? What type of throughput should I expect as a function of the number of nodes deployed and the radio interface chosen whether it be Bluetooth or Zigbee?

How is the localisation precision dependant on the number of nodes deployed in a corridor? Introduction 1. Applications of WSANs 2.

Reanalyzing a simplified Markov model for the low-density P2P wireless sensor and actuator networks

Channel Modelling 3. Connectivity and Coverage 4.

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Network Lifetime 5. Technologies for WSANs 6. Case Studies University of Bologna, Italy. University of Ferrara, Italy. Powered by. You are connected as. Connect with:. Use your name:.


Thank you for posting a review! We value your input. Share your review so everyone else can enjoy it too. Your review was sent successfully and is now waiting for our team to publish it. Reviews 0. Updating Results. Concerning the protection of individual nodes, we implemented selected approaches on the hardware platform of a WSAN node. In addition, we designed and implemented a secure key establishment protocol that enables a secure communication between WSAN nodes.

Wireless Sensor Network

The benefit of our approach is that no key distribution is required and that only those two nodes which are willing to communicate are capable to compute the correct key. First simulations show that it is a promising technology to detect unexpected behaviour.

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An analysis has shown that the required processing effort on the node meets the power constraints of a battery-driven sensor node. It may happen that vulnerabilities or bugs are detected in the software of sensor nodes after their deployment. In a two-step approach new applications as well as updates are first designed using the tools developed in the project.

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Secondly, after the required security level has been verified, software will be deployed using the secure code update, which is almost fully implemented. As a final building block, code attestation techniques to verify the correctness of a deployed system have been researched. The result is a new attestation technique which, however, requires additional hardware for fully secure execution. The work concerning network protocols focussed on specification and implementation of protocols for all layers.

For example, for the network layer, implementations of the two operating systems tinyOS and Linux have already been finalised. In order to improve the dependability of WSANs, a tool supporting network planning was realised. In addition, new schemes for determining what specific role each respective node in the WSAN should fulfil have been defined.

The goal is to hide information on the roles of nodes so that potential attackers are unable to select the most attractive victims, i. In order to define this interface, a conceptual framework for the design of a SCADA system has been developed. This kind of integrated communication network management was not available so far.

In order to evaluate our research results, we selected two application areas: energy distribution networks and drinking water supply. The field of wireless sensor networks has developed with an exciting pace from pure research to a more or less ready to use technology which is going to be applied in various areas. A dependable WSAN can keep up the information flow in critical situations, because WSANs are by design fault-tolerant up to a certain level, and thus make the information flow independent of the wired-based control system. WSANs are an ideal technology to inexpensively monitor and manage information about critical infrastructures across large areas.

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